Cleaning services Complete service

  • We secure professional cleaning of offices, hotels and households.
  • We perform regular and single cleaning works.
  • We work quickly and most of all diligently.
  • We take pride in keeping deadlines and in perfect tidiness and cleanness.

It is up to you, which cleaning services you will order. Our personnel will gladly take care of all of them. Allow us to prepare an offer fit to needs and requirements.

Office cleaning

  • - Vacuum cleaning and mopping
  • - Removing waste
  • - Cleaning of utility premises
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Cleaning of residential premises

  • - Cleaning of residential houses
  • - Cleaning of households
  • - Vacuum cleaning, dusting, window cleaning
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Hotel service

  • - Room cleaning
  • - Hotel cleaning
  • - Restaurant cleaning
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Single cleaning

  • - Outside cleaning
  • - Pavement cleaning
  • - Industrial and technical cleaning
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Mobile numbers
mob: 601 200 115 (O2)
(mon-fri from 8:00 - 18:00)

phone: +420 246 063 728
phone: +420 246 063 729

Why us?

We are flexible

We can start cleaning tomorrow. Working hours are up to you.

We are no beginners

Our services are used by renowned hotels, successful companies, but also households.

We keep deadlines

If any of our employees is unable to ensure the agreed service, we will organize a replacement.

We provide favourable offers

We keep affordable prices, which will not leave you doubting about the provider of cleaning services.

We are diligent

You do not have to check after us. You can always rely on our quality.